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14 Hands Winery | Phase I: Grape Delivery from Fermentation to Press
Conveyor design, fabrication and installation

14 Hands Winery | Phase II
Multiple tank Installation, fabricate and install conveyors

14 Hands Winery | Fermentation Must Line Fabrication and Install
Multiple tank Installation, fabricate and install conveyors

Gesa Carousel of Dreams | Custom Fabrication Project
CRF provided General Contractor services for the fabrication and installation of the community project – shop fabrication and field installation

Easterday Farms | Custom Fabrication Project

Columbia Crest Winery | Custom Design Main Must Line Distribution Manifold
QTY (8) Line for a total of 2,000 Linear Feet of 6” Stainless Piping

Beaver Bark | Construction Project

U-Pull-It | Construction Project

Dog Works | Construction Project

Goose Ridge Wines| Construction Project

Lamb Weston | Fabrication Project
Fabrication and Installation of New Replacement Conveyor System

Lamb Weston – Boardmen | Waste Water Tank Fab and Install
Mild steel waste water tank fabrication, demo existing tank, install new tank and re-connect all piping systems

Lamb Weston – Richland | Waste Water Solids Screens Building
Demo existing access stair, roof and walls, fabricate and install new stainless steel access stair system, demo QTY (2) existing shaker, Install QTY (2) replacement shakers, install piping that feeds shakers and modify structure and reskin roof and walls

All Star Motors | Construction Project

Blue Mountain Telecommunication | Construction Project

Canoe Ridge | Construction Project
Fabrication of concrete tank bases Install (4), fermenter tanks, fabricate and Install aluminum walkways and handrails. Installed mechanical piping

Custom Stairs | Fabrication Project
Fabrication and Installation of Spiral Staircase, Fabrication and Installation of Deck Railing

Capitol Concrete Pumping | Construction Project
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H&N Electric | Construction Project